Welcome to my Violin Studio!

My studio is a positive, encouraging, and sensitive environment, where I believe every person can develop a life-long journey with music. Violin playing is an activity for the mind, body and soul and my lessons help foster that connection as well as a love for the learning process.

I find great joy in getting to know each student and tailoring every session to their individual needs and goals. My lessons build technique, musicality, theory and note-reading.  All of my violin teachers studied with the great pedagogues of their generation including Ivan Galamian, Dorothy Delay, and Josef Gingold. I aim to pass on this refined musical tradition and my Suzuki Method training to my students while incorporating my own unique teaching style and compassion.

The influence of violin and music on my life goes deeper than I can probably comprehend. I am so grateful for this relationship and the teachers, musicians, and family who helped to facilitate and inspire it. Through the study of music we acquire and strengthen many skills and qualities that benefit and influence our entire lives: a profound connection to the self, awareness and balance of the body, development and coordination of motor skills, communication with others, confidence, memory, adaptability, self-esteem, concentration, reasoning, self-expression, inspiration, respect, commitment, community…to name a few.

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My Education:

Cleveland Institute of Music, Bachelor of Music

San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Master of Music

Desert Suzuki InstituteBook 1 + 2 Suzuki Teacher Training with Cathryn S. Lee

Hartt Suzuki Institute, Book 3, Ed Kreitman

Lessons available for:

Advanced students (Advanced repertoire- Concerti, etudes, caprices, solo Bach, show pieces etc.)
Youth orchestra tutoring
Audition coaching- orchestras, summer festivals and camps
Chamber music coaching